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20 August 2012

iPad Mini rumored to look like a big iPod Touch

As the chatter about an iPad Mini reaches a crescendo, new reports suggest that the tablet will look more like an oversized iPod Touch than a smaller iPad. 9to5Mac has posted several images of iPad Mini back plates from case makers, along with mockups of what the final product might look like. Instead of equal-sized […]

9 July 2012

Apple’s 7-inch iPad: more possible than ever

Fresh reports that Apple is prepping a launch of a 7- or 8-inch version of its’ iPad have surfaced once again. Claims, from the Bloomberg news agency, come about a week after Google launched a $200 7-inch tablet, the Nexus 7. Apple’s smaller iPad, nicknamed by Apple watchers as the iPad Mini, would launch in […]

6 June 2012

It’s war: Google + Quickoffice vs. Microsoft Office everywhere

Quickoffice may give Google a needed competitive hedge against Office 15 on Windows tablets and possibly iOS and Android devices. Google Docs has made some inroads against Microsoft Office, but not nearly enough. That’s no doubt a big reason for Google’s latest acquisition, Quickoffice, announced on June 5. Now the question becomes will the cross-mobile-platform […]

31 May 2012

Kaspersky: Apple Not Serious Enough About iOS Security

With its closed ecosystem, you would think Apple takes protecting the iPad, iPhone and iPod from malware seriously. Well, IT take note: Endpoint security for iOS is, apparently, not an important enough part of Apple’s agenda for its juggernaut of a mobile device platform—at least according to Eugene Kaspersky, CEO of the well-known security company […]

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