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20 July 2012

M-Disc: the DVD that “lasts forever”

All archival methods have their strengths and weaknesses, and many of the latter involve longevity. Hard disks, flash storage, tape, DVDs: they all degrade, and whether you’re a lone consumer with a photo collection or a large business with vital files, losing data to the ravages of time is tough to avoid. It’s a problem […]

6 July 2012

Systor Systems M-Disc Blu-Ray Tower CD DVD Duplicator

Hello everybody, Today we will introduce a new technology in Disc Duplications, the M-Disc Blu-Ray Duplicator. First question that will pop out after you see the product will be, what is so different from the old Blu-Ray Duplicator? Well is not that different from the old one, design remain the same, same high end frame […]

23 July 2010

12X Blu Ray Burner Duplicators Disc Copier

Hi to all, Please check out our new upgraded 12X blu ray burners duplicators. These are the fastest and latest technology on the present market. Don’t forget all our Blu Ray duplicators are coming with built in 500Gb SATA HDD and USB Connection as standard. As a producer and retailer we aim to keep our […]

8 December 2009

How to use your USB interface

Hy guys, There are a lot of clients that are encountering problems using the USB interface of the duplicator, so I thought, guess what … exactly, another tutorial So here are the simple way of using the USB 2.0 interface of your duplicator : 1.From the duplicator’s main menu, you should press and hold for […]

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