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7 June 2012

IPv6: Five things you should know

IPv6 is going live today. Find out why IPv6 is important, and whether or not you need to be concerned about the switch. Today is the day IPv6 finally goes live. For as long as there has been an Internet IPv4 has been synonymous with IP and nobody really stopped to think about which version […]

31 May 2012

Kaspersky: Apple Not Serious Enough About iOS Security

With its closed ecosystem, you would think Apple takes protecting the iPad, iPhone and iPod from malware seriously. Well, IT take note: Endpoint security for iOS is, apparently, not an important enough part of Apple’s agenda for its juggernaut of a mobile device platform—at least according to Eugene Kaspersky, CEO of the well-known security company […]

29 May 2012

Five secrets your cloud provider won’t tell you about multi-tenancy (and how to overcome them)

Low-cost cloud computing and storage can be a boon for IT managers with tight budgets looking to get as much computing power for their money as they possibly can. One of the major ways this is achieved is through multi-tenancy. Multi-tenancy allows a single physical instance of a resource to be shared among multiple consumers, […]

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